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Take Catonsville With You

take catonsville with you

How far can we take Catonsville? We Love Catonsville is having a contest this summer to see how far our residents can take a We Love Catonsville sign on vacation. We want photos of your sign displayed somewhere that either depicts the place you’re visiting or is next to the city or town’s name. The winner gets We Love Catonsville t-shirts for everyone in the household and a $100 gift certificate to the Catonsville Gourmet Market restaurant on Frederick Rd. Not going far this year? Send us your photos anyway, along with your family’s name, and we’ll be glad to post them. Send photos to

Neighbor Award

Who in your neighborhood depicts a great neighbor? Send us a brief email or letter about this person and they may win a We Love Catonsville t-shirt. Send an email to kgatzke@cbmove or mail us a letter at PO Box 21151, Catonsville, Md 21228.

If you already live here, we're sure you understand why there's a We Love Catonsville group. Afterall, what's not to love? Our community, now celebrating its 200th anniversary, is a true treasure that does not often exist. People long for a community like ours where neighbors not only help each other, but hang out with one another, where trees are mature and azaleas are larger than life, where you can walk or ride bikes to Frederick Road to experience great restaurants or taste great ice cream, where neighborhoods have block parties and book clubs, where people are jogging or walking their communities almost any time of day or night, where groups rally to make things happen like Frederick Road Fridays, farmers' markets and tree plantings, where wooded trails are commonplace and, where artists create interesting exhibits and community theater has venues, where public and private schools have good reputations, where homes are architecturally interesting and historic, and newer homes are top quality, and where thousands and thousands from everywhere think their 4th of July is only complete when they attend our parade.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's Catonsville.

We Love Catonsville is a non-profit organization recently formed by a group of local residents and business owners who believe our community is one of the best places in America to live, raise a family, or own a business. We are passionate about being here and want to help create opportunities to enhance life in our community and continue to move it forward. Many of us were raised here, have lived here for most of our lives and can think of no place we'd rather be.

We will work closely with local institutions on items like preserving our historic village on Frederick Road, but also making it more vibrant and appealing, and will also support sensible well designed growth in other parts of our town as we think comprehensively about our future. We will partner with the renowned CCBC, UMBC, and bwtech Research and Technology Park on projects that are appropriate.

Our organization has already contributed to tree plantings, is sponsoring 200th anniversary concerts at the Lurman outdoor concert theater, is shooting a promotional video about Catonsville, is working to get additional recreational facilities for our residents, improve our trails, and dive into some other local projects. In any dynamic community, there are bound to be differences. But as we work on our projects and connect with the community we're finding that what's unique about Catonsville is that we can all come together and generate solutions that will sustain us for the next 200 years and more.

Like our group, we want this website to be an interactive and creative one that develops a real sense of community. Have ideas about how to enhance our site? Please tell us. Stay tuned for blogs, highlights of Catonsville, profiles and people and businesses, contests, and giveaways as we enjoy the rest of summer together.

Want to be part of Not sure? Are you kidding-- what's not to love?

When sweltering over your grill this summer remember how it looked a few short months ago…